Xperiencify Templates

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The Workshop Course

The fastest path from zero to getting paid is to sell a single workshop or session. This is the template to deliver that content (read more)

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Expiring Mini-Course

The template to deliver our exclusive Expiring Mini-Course, the only way to gamify your lead generation and 20X your lead generation results! (read more)

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Gamified Course

4 module, 20 training traditional course template including gamification, points, celebrations, emails and much more... (read more)

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5-Day Challenge

A 5-Day Challenge template that engages participants with valuable content, fosters community and drives measurable growth for your business. (read more)

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10-Day Challenge

Live challenges with live cohorts are a great way to harness collective energy & motivation, foster deep engagement, build community & drive transformative results as participants work collaboratively towards shared goals. (read more)

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Gamified Lead Magnet Template

Use this template to gamify the delivery & consumption of traditional PDF-based lead magnets to increase engagement and conversion from lead into paying customer (read more)

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Gamified Membership

Most people cancel memberships after 3 months. This template uses gamification to engage more students, more deeply, for longer, stopping cancellations, increasing your customer lifetime value (read more)